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There’s this idea that in order to eat healthy you have to:

  1. Spend your entire paycheck on groceries
  2. Devote hours daily preparing fresh, homemade meals
  3. Learn to love kale, kombucha, kefir, and other k-word superfoods

That’s not true, and I spent the last 10 years proving it.

Cheapskate Cook was born in our first studio apartment. With figurative wedding bells ringing in our ears (are those still a thing?), we had our first budget meeting as a young couple. There, we realized we had $25 a week we could allocate for food. Including eating out. Time to get creative.

With this budget, we determined to accomplish 3 goals:

  1. Stick to it. We were just getting started on a shoestring budget and had to afford other basic necessities like rent, car insurance, etc.
  2. Eat as healthy as possible. Being a passionate whole-foodie and home cook, if there was a way to eat healthy on the cheap, I would find it.
  3. Not starve. Because $25 per week is not a lot of money for groceries, it requires a reasonable balance between organic everything and just-fill-my-belly.

And – somehow we did it! Even though our grocery budget increased over the years (thank you, children), we still use a lot of the same practices discovered in that studio apartment and many more learned along the way. That’s what we want to share with you.

Cheapskate Cook exists to help you save money and eat healthy. We share tools and recipes to maximize your dollars and time while eating food that’s good for your body, your community, and our planet.

About Steph

I’m an experienced, frugal, domestic ninja, lover of all things food, nutrition, fitness, and family. Not always in that order.

Most of my life I just liked food and trying to eat well. My goal then and now is to eat healthy, whole food that is good for my body, preferably local and sustainably sourced. What I learned (and continue to learn) I share here, trying to be the resource I so desperately wanted over the years.

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