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 There’s this Idea that in Order to Eat Healthy You Have to:

  1. Spend your entire paycheck on groceries
  2. Devote hours daily preparing fresh, homemade meals
  3. Learn to love kale, kombucha, kefir, and other k-word superfoods

That’s not true, and I can show you why.

Cheapskate Cook was born 10 years ago in our first studio apartment.

When Chris and I were first married, we had $25/week for food. All of it. Everything. This included eating out, but who are we kidding? We weren’t eating out.

I had grown up on a small farm, where we raised goats, chickens, sheep, and grew a huge organic garden every year. So I came into this new budget knowing the importance of good food and how much better we felt when we ate well. While I couldn’t do everything I wanted to with $25/week, I knew I could use that money to help us eat as clean as possible while still being realistic.

Cheapskate Cook exists to help you save money and eat healthy. We share tools and recipes to maximize your dollars and time while eating food that’s good for your body, your community, and our planet.

You Only Need 35 Ingredients to Make Healthy, Budget-Friendly Meals.

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    Here, You Will Find 3 Things:

    1. Frugal recipes that use whole, natural ingredients
    2. Tips and strategies that help you save the most money while eating real food
    3. Allergy-friendly and special diet recipes that don’t break the bank! Including gluten-free, dairy-free, paleovegetarian, and vegan

    What You Can Do Now:

    Ready to start saving money and eating healthy? I can’t wait to help you!

    1. Try a Free Menu Plan

    Download our free Budget-Friendly Clean Eating Menu Plan! It shows you how a family of 4 can eat real food on $60 a week WITHOUT eating beans and rice.

    Get it here and start saving!

    2. Build Your Frugal Kitchen with Real Food

    Building a pantry that is healthy and budget-friendly is no easy feat. This is what we buy, why, how we get the best deal, and how you can make it work for you.

    3. Watch the Videos

    Watch and learn how to cook our recipes, what we buy, and how you can make it work for you on YouTube.

    For daily inspiration to help you save money and eat healthy, follow me on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest. (I basically live on Instagram Stories)

    Need some budget-friendly dinner inspiration? Check out my eBook, Dinner for a Dollar!

    About Steph

    I’m an experienced, frugal, domestic ninja, lover of all things food, nutrition, fitness, nerd culture, faith, and family. Not always in that order.

    Most of my life I just liked food and trying to eat well. My goal then and now is to eat healthy, whole food that is good for my body, preferably local and sustainably sourced. What I learned – and continue to learn – I share here, trying to be the resource I so desperately wanted over the years.

    Chris and I have a really weird love story, and I shared it at length on Instagram at #chrisandstephlovestory.

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