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“I would love to eat healthier, but it’s just so expensive.”

If you ever thought that, you are not alone. Eating healthy on a budget is a challenge people just like you wrestle with every day. But you don’t have to! You can feed your people real food for under $1 per serving. It isn’t magic. It’s just the right recipes and a simple strategy.


Dinner for a Dollar: Real food recipes for under $1 a serving

Dinner for a Dollar was written with two purposes:

  • To encourage you that no matter how tight your grocery budget is, you can make good choices for your health
  • To arm you with practical tools and recipes so that you can eat well for less than a dollar per meal

Many of us struggle to eat well on a tight budgets. As a published author, passionate real-foodie, and frugal shopper, I took some of the most budget-conscious recipes and methods and compiled them into Dinner for a Dollar: Real food recipes for under $1 a serving.

In this 50-page eBook you get:

  • 20+ recipes that cost pennies
  • 3 ways to rock meatless meals
  • 6 strategies to save money every day on main dishes
  • 9 meatless or vegetarian recipes
  • 18 gluten-free recipes
  • 17 dairy-free recipes

Dinner for a Dollar is for you if:

  • You have a tight budget and struggle stretching it to feed everyone at your table
  • You are passionate about healthy eating, but don’t see how you can do it with your budget
  • You need simple food that doesn’t take a lot of time (because you need more time to work!)
  • You don’t just want to eat beans and rice or freeze-dried noodles
  • You are looking for reliable, frugal recipes you can turn to again and again through any season of life

Slash your grocery budget in half while eating whole, real food! If you follow the recipes and tips in Dinner for a Dollar, you will save money and eat healthy.

Don’t keep blowing your budget while caring for your health. The book you are about to read will equip you to save money, eat well, and serve dinner guilt-free! You CAN save money and eat healthy. We will show you how.

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“What if I Don’t Have a Kindle?”

A few of you asked this question: “What if I don’t have a Kindle? Can I still get Dinner for a Dollar?”

The answer is yes! No problem. You can download the Kindle app to your smartphone or tablet (it’s free!). Then when you click on the link to my book, Amazon downloads it to your Kindle app.

Hope this helps, and happy cooking!


chicken, yellow rice, and veggies
Greek Chicken, Mediterranean Rice, & Veggies, from Dinner for a Dollar