My Favorite Deal Just Got Better

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Another free bonus offer for the Homemaking Bundle! Check it out below.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019

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Earlier this week, I told you about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

It’s already one of my favorite deals every year because it’s all of my favorite things – except nerd culture and superheroes – rolled into one.

Well, the Ultimate Bundles team announced they have something special to add to the already awesome bundle!

Not only do you get access to over $2,200 in eBooks, eCourses, and more, and $360+ in bonuses, but now you’ll ALSO get access to a live webinar presented by Corina at

It’s called Maximize Your Morning Routine: Self-Care Strategies That Work for the Busiest Homemakers.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Motivation & perspective for self-care
  • Setting expectations & choosing your priorities for self-care
  • Hacks for getting put together faster each day
  • Creating your doable self-care routine

Here’s how you can get your bonus: you’ll have the chance to register for the webinar once you get your bundle. Then you’ll have the option to attend live or watch the recording inside your bundle later.

If you have already purchased the bundle, don’t worry – you also have access to this free bonus!

Click here to check out the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

Just don’t wait too long! Your chance to get the bundle and this surprise bonus expires on Monday night (May 6).

(Pssst! For the first time with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, you can also buy cheat sheets for every eBook and eCourse in the bundle. Review all the bundle’s material in less than half the time, and then dive deeper into the topics that interest you the most.)

Learn more here!

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019

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