My Favorite Kitchen Things

The tools, books, classes, and documentaries that have helped us save the most money and eat healthy over the years.

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Build a Minimalist Kitchen

Everything you NEED to outfit a simple, efficient, real food kitchen. (See the other list for the really fun stuff.) 

My Favorite Kitchen Tools

Optional kitchen tools that we LOVE. They help us make homemade real food faster, easier, and better! 

Cookbook Crushes

They taught us real food, or guarded our budget, or helped us do both! These are the cookbooks I turn to again and again. Here are the cookbooks you can find on Amazon, and here are my favorites from real foodies online.

Real Food Documentaries

They inspired, challenged, and changed us.

How I Got My Kids to Help in the Kitchen

The kids’ cooking class that didn’t make me want to pull my hair out. Now my kids (ages 9, 7, and 4) help in the kitchen, know more about real food, and love cooking on their own!

Read my first review of the class here, and get their free list of real food, kid-friendly snacks here!

My Favorite Real Foodies to Follow

Productivity & Goal Setting

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