Got Picky Eaters?

Help! I can’t get my kids to even lick a vegetable!”

Sometimes our biggest struggle with saving money and eating healthy has nothing to do with us.

If you are trying to save money and eat healthy while also feeding a kid who only wants hamburgers and cold cereal, you are not alone.

Is Mealtime a Nightmare?

Picky eaters are no joke. As a mom of 3 very different eaters, I understand the unique struggle we all have in getting our kids to try new foods, eat well, and follow a grocery budget.

Picky eaters make you worry about their health. They make you question your competency as a parent. They make you rethink your stance on population control.

But don’t give up! There are so many ways to empower your picky eaters.

Do any of these struggles sound familiar?

“My biggest struggle is feeding my picky eater. I like to cook, and I know how to bargain shop. But getting a picky 9-year-old to eat cheap, healthy food? Impossible!”

“My kids and I have to eat gluten-free, but they are so picky!”

“I’ve noticed a big difference in our food budget when we eat less meat. But it’s a challenge finding vegetarian recipes that my kids love!”

“My child is going through a stage of only wanting bread, cheese, processed foods, desserts, no meat. It’s so hard to make food without making two meals and totally breaking the budget!”

We Need *Simple* Picky Eater Tips

Saving money and eating healthy requires us to be creative, flexible, and to try new things. This is really hard to do when we have picky eaters.

Maybe we are willing to try weird, new, healthy foods, but sometimes our kids are not.

Over the years, we tried a ton of classic picky eater suggestions. Some of them work better than others.

These tips only helped me so much. In the end, they were not enough for my picky eaters.

The tips I share are simple and creative ideas to empower and encourage our picky eaters to eat well.

Don’t worry. They don’t involve cutting sandwiches into cookie-cutter stars or creating veggie stick smiley faces on their plate.

Every Picky Eater is Different!

I have a couple of picky eaters. The seasons and foods they like or dislike have changed and we’ve tried a million different things to help them enjoy their peas and at least try that bite of mushroom.

And that’s fair.

Kids are human. They have their own likes, dislikes, and voices. We love our kids and we want them to feel valued.

We also want them to eat their broccoli already.

In a sense, we are all picky eaters. We all have likes and dislikes, and that is okay. I want to encourage you in two ways:

1. I want to encourage you to not take your child’s eating preferences personally.

2. I want to empower you with tools and ideas to feed your eaters well.

Kids are who they are, and in the end, the fact they do not like tomatoes does not define your parenting. Your responsibility is to expose them to a wide variety of foods and flavors. Making your kids like them all is not.

Because in the end, we don’t want kids who just eat whatever is put in front of them. We want to raise strong independent adults who know how to take care of their bodies.

In the end, we don’t want kids who just eat whatever is put in front of them. We want to raise strong independent adults who know how to take care of their bodies.

If you are struggling with a picky eater, I want to help you empower and equip them to eat well!

Cheapskate Cook’s Picky Eater Playlist

We love our kids and we want to empower them to feed their bodies well while we eat real food on a budget.

Cheapskate Cook’s Picky Eater Playlist walks through 25 Tips & 55 Recipes to Bring Harmony to Your Table – simple, creative ways to empower our picky eaters!

Picky Eater Playlist Includes:

25 unique, creative ways to empower your picky eaters to eat well.

– The tips are no-fuss – no cookie-cutter sandwiches or smiley faces made with veggie sticks. Promise.

– Ideas for toddlers and young kids

– Tips to empower older picky eaters

55 delicious, kid-approved real food recipes!

– Breakfasts, lunches, dinner, snacks, and make-ahead recipes

– A ton of the recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free

“I’ve tried every trick. Does Picky Eater Playlist really have new ideas for me?”

“I was very skeptical that I had not heard or tried these 25 tips already with my picky eater but I was also desperate. I felt very understood and not shamed at all for the habits I have allowed from my picky eater. I also felt empowered that together we (picky eater and I) could actually implement and succeed with these tips!

“They are easy but powerful. Number 3 was a lightbulb moment that I could not believe I had never thought of but was a huge help for all my children. Number 14 made him feel more in control and so he was willing to try other foods, previously he would refuse to even taste them.

“There are so many wonderful tips that are even helpful for my other less picky eaters. This will be a book I will go back to again and again for the recipes and tips, both.”


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So What are You Waiting for?

Empower your picky eaters, make budget-friendly, kid-approved real food, and bring harmony to your table today!

See What Other Parents are Saying!

“This is a great resource, whether your child is picky or not.  It’s not your everyday tips for dealing with picky eaters.  And as the parent of a 10-year-old picky eater, I’ve read A LOT of advice. But Steph gave me some new strategies to try.  I love Tip #11. It’s a genius idea! And #17 is something I really need to do more of in our house.”


“The tips were all very practical, non-judgmental and not overwhelming to think about implementing. I especially like the focus on involving our kids in everything from meal planning and budgeting to cooking. I am going to start involving my 9-year-old more and implement everyone serving themselves and the No Thank You Portion. Thanks, Steph!”


“It is so helpful to know I am not the only one out there trying to convince my children to try things other than macaroni and cheese! This book caught my attention from the very beginning and provided realistic options to try with my picky eater. I am very excited to try the recipes included with her and see if she is more willing to try something she chose to make!”