It’s time for another Challenge! This is the biggest one yet, and we hope it inspires you to save money, eat healthy, and try new things!

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It’s no secret that learning to cook at home saves you money and often helps you eat healthier. This has been my mantra for over a decade, and I learned to cook some very interesting things – from brewing kombucha in my pantry and baking sourdough focaccia, to brownies laced with spinach and cookies made with beans.

Our goal at Cheapskate Cook is to empower and equip you to save money and eat healthy. This usually means being willing to try new things, learn new skills, fail, and find out what works for you in each season of life.

1000 Recipes?!

So I’m doing something a little crazy. I’m cooking my way through Mark Bittman’s cookbook: How to Cook Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Foood. This cooking tome boasts over 1000 pages and 1500 recipes & variations.

My goal is to encourage and inspire you to try new things, learn new skills, be willing to fail, and hone in on what you need to save money and eat healthy in this season. Sometimes that means watching someone else do it too.

On a personal level, I want to up my kitchen game, cook an even wider variety of food, and keep serving you delicious, budget-friendly, real food inspiration. Learning how to cook everything should help with that!

You don’t have to cook your way through the home cooking Bible in order to make good food. But maybe watching someone else will encourage you to try new things as well.

I’m really nervous about this.

Learning How to Cook Everything

I’m pretty sure this train wreck will include a lot of failed recipes, messy kitchen photos, and 1-star recipe ratings from my relentlessly picky family.

So it’ll be fun to watch.

A few weeks ago, I told both Instagram and the Cheapskate Cooks Facebook Group that I was doing this challenge and would they like to me to blog/vlog through it?

I didn’t think anyone would be very interested, but instead, the answer was a resounding YES.

So here we go – picky eaters, messy kitchen photos, epic failures, and all.

Throughout this How to Cook Everything challenge, I will share what we make, what we love, failures, wins, and new techniques I pick up along the way.

My goal is always to serve you and encourage you to try new things and learn more about saving money and eating healthy. So let me know how I can best serve you during this challenge. Email me here or comment on any of the Cook Everything posts.

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What do You Want to See More of?

We will share the real-time experience of learning how to cook everything on Instagram Stories, a few videos along the way (probably some live ones in the Facebook Group), and weekly-ish How to Cook Everything blog updates. But what would you like to see more of?

  1. Blog posts with recipe photos
  2. Live videos of me making the recipes on Instagram or Facebook
  3. YouTube vlogs about the process

Vote in the comments below or email me here!

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