Allergies are no joke – especially when you’re on a budget. Here are 6 ways our family has successfully hosted and allergy-free (and DELICIOUS) Thanksgiving for over 5 years.

When I told someone that we usually have a grain-free, dairy-free Thanksgiving, they stared at me like I was crazy and protested, “I can’t imagine having Thanksgiving without rolls.”

There are so many strong emotions and expectations surrounding holidays – especially ones associated with the food. For example, I grew up with a giant bowl of canned fruit cocktail on our Thanksgiving table. Even though I know it was gross, Thanksgiving feels weird without it.

This week I shared our allergy-free Thanksgiving story (5+ years!) on Kitchen Stewardship and 6 tips to help you navigate special food needs over the holidays. Whether it’s for allergies or overall wellness, here’s how we do it without family drama.

BONUS: I shared a lot of recipes to help you get started!

Use these tips to keep your allergy-free Thanksgiving fun, peaceful, and as budget-friendly as possible. Read all of them and get the recipes on my post on Kitchen Stewardship!