A Plan for You!

Meal planning is hard. I don’t know why.

Seems like it should be easy, right? We know what food we like to eat. We know, basically, what we should eat. So why, when we start a grocery list and think about our meals for the week, do we suddenly forget all of it?

Every week, when I ask my boys what they want for dinner, they give me 2 answers: Pizza and burgers.

And yet, I ask them every week.

It’s even harder when you throw in trying to save money and eat healthy. Sure, I want cheesecake and steak on the menu every week. But if I keep eating like that, my budget is shot and my weeks are numbered.

So here’s a little gift. Every recipe link is made with real food. Many of them include allergy-free versions. Use part or all of it as you see fit. Make it work for you!

Download it Here:

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