Cheapskate Cook is Back!


A couple years ago I built a blog called The Cheapskate Cook. It became a flourishing community and side business about saving money while eating healthy. For a passionate whole foodie on a tight budget, it was the resource I wished I had when we realized we had $25 a week to spend on food – including eating out (ha).

So when we closed it down almost 3 years ago, it was a tough decision. However, it was the right one for me. Since I don’t like to do things halfway, we closed it completely, and all the recipes came off the internet.

Every few months I still get recipe requests (which I gladly give) from readers. Or we find posts on our Facebook Page lamenting the blog’s absence. Thanks for that, guys. You’re the best! You’re one of the reasons I’m writing this now.

Cheapskate Cook is back! We dropped “The” because it’s more awesome, hopped onto Instagram, and are playing with Periscope and YouTube. Of course we’re still on Pinterest and Facebook, and I’m pumped to share everything that’s been percolating the last 3 years.

We’re ready to teach and learn more about how to save money and eat healthy. Plus we have a few new tools in the drawer – like saving money with food allergies, strength training nutrition on a budget, and eating largely local and sustainably without breaking the bank.

Would you join me again?

We are so ready for this.


8 thoughts on “Cheapskate Cook is Back!”

  • I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!!! Your MUSH recipe got my hubby and I through some really lean years when we first got married – we still make it! Your recipes are practical and yummy, but most of all, you are encouraging. Can’t wait to follow you again.

  • Wow, this is, like, give-me-goosebumps crazy!

    I found your first website about 6 years ago right after I had my second baby , I just became a SAHM, and we had about fifty cents to our name. I loved ALL your recipes, and I learned so much from you! It was the healthiest I’ve ever been, truthfully. I still make your bread recipe!! Needless to say I was so sad when I found out you shut your website down!

    I kid you not, I was JUST thinking today how much I missed your site, for all those reasons I stated above!! And how crazy is it that I hop on to Money Saving Mom and see your guest post! I am so excited and happy you are back!! I’m ready to get healthy and save money again!

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