How do we stock our freezer on a budget without a lot of freezer space? Here’s our freezer tour plus a bunch of things you didn’t even know you could freeze!

freezer tour pin - steph hugging a fridge

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Ever wondered how to stock a budget-friendly, real food freezer?

Everyone says you should buy a deep freeze in order to stock up on good deals and save money on healthy food. While that’s totally true, not everyone can do that. In my entire adult life (15 years of saving money and eating healthy) we’ve only had a deep freeze for 1-2 years. We just never had the space for a deep freeze, so we make do without one. It doesn’t stop us from saving money and eating healthy, and honestly, it’s easier to keep one small freezer organized than a bunch of big ones.

Here’s a freezer tour – our one small freezer, how we stock it, and how we maximize saving money and eating well without a deep freeze.

What about you? Do you have a deep freeze or do you make do with your small freezer?