Here’s a quick and simple gift budget printable for your holiday list! When you just need to eyeball your numbers and make sure everything is on track, print this out and keep your holidays debt-free!

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Here’s a quick printable to help you organize your gift lists and keep track of your budget.

This is how I personally keep track of our holiday gifts.

We have family and friends all over the country, and I need a master list that splits the gifts into categories:

  1. Immediate family (as in, who we’re spending Christmas day with)
  2. Stockings for the kids
  3. Gifts I need to order online and/or ship somewhere else
  4. Cards and/or family photos

We don’t typically do Christmas cards, so I have a short list of extended family and friends who get a handwritten note and our latest family photos.

Now, I don’t recommend that you keep your entire Christmas budget on a printable. Printables are perfect for eyeballing and keeping your plan organized, but when it comes to tracking actual expenses, I prefer a cash envelope system or expense and budget tracking app, like You Need a Budget. Chris and I have used You Need a Budget for years and we love it.

Debt-Free Christmas

And in case this hasn’t been said to you this year, it’s okay to do a small Christmas. I grew up with every single Christmas being small (daughter of a teacher, woot woot), and every Christmas was still magical. I have zero regrets.

As a child, I remember hearing about other families’ huge Christmases, and while they sounded fun, nothing was better than our family Christmases together. We played games, ate great food, saw family, and listened to Amy Grant’s Home for Christmas or Elvis’ Blue Christmas on repeat.

It was magical, and it was ours.

Love each other well, give a few thoughtful gifts (or none at all – who makes these rules, anyway? Macy’s?), and stay debt-free this Christmas! THAT is magical.

Download Our Free Gift Budget Printable Here!

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