Our bigger grocery haul for the month – we found organic beef for $3.99/lb, 39-cent yogurt, and 99-cent coconut milk!

all of the groceries

It’s the beginning of the month! Which means the grocery envelope is full, and I’m ready for our big haul for the month. We will hit Costco for bigger haul, and the rest of the grocery trips this month will be a lot smaller as we stick to our current real food budget and health goals.

In some seasons, we shop Aldi and Costco. Sometimes, it’s the farmer’s market. In a couple of months, our CSA starts. However, right now we have a Kroger less than a mile away, so we swing by there and supplement with Costco and Aldi.

If you prefer to watch, here’s the replay of my live video breaking down what we bought and how much it cost!


Here is what we bought at Kroger:


  • Yogurt – $.39/individual container
  • Whole-milk yogurt – $.89/individual container
  • Organic ground beef (markdown) – $3.99/lb
  • Apples and oranges – $.99/bag (4 pieces of fruit in each)
  • Mustard greens – $1.49/16-oz
  • Coconut milk (closeout) – $.99/ 13.5-oz can

Buy 5, Get $5 Off Deals

These deals are sometimes hit or miss when it comes to finding healthy food, but there were great options this week!

  • Mozzarella cheese – $5.49/2 lb bar
  • Aged cheddar – $2.49/8-oz bar
  • Pepper jack cheese – $1.99/8-oz bar
  • Unsweetened almond milk – $1.99/ half gallon
  • Organic sprouted bread – $3/loaf
  • Kind Bars & Kashi bars – $1.99/box

Regular Price

  • Organic parsley – $.99/bunch
  • Organic cilantro – $1.49/bunch
  • Frozen mixed fruit – $2.69/lb

Total spent at Kroger = $101

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