5 Ways Watermelon Cakes are Easier & Faster Than You Think - from CheapskateCook.com


What does it mean when your signature cake is not actually a cake?

You know I tease Pinterest-Moms (if they even exist), but lemme tell you. Pinterest saves my hiney multiple times a week. Need a recipe? Pinterest. Frugal but creative storage solution? Pinterest. One more use for coconut oil? Pinterest.

Gluten-free and dairy-free birthday treat for my kid? Watermelon Cake from Pinterest. (Do you follow me there yet? You should. I share things like this.)

I’m not going to tell you how to make one of these cakes. Goodness knows there are enough tutorials out there.

Instead, I’m going to share 5 reasons why something so hipster and Pinterest-mom-ish fits into my frugal, simple life – and why it might fit into yours, too.

1. Cost

Do you buy birthday cakes? They’re expensive. This puppy costs $5-10 depending on where you buy your produce. Watermelon + 2-3 other kinds of fruit + maybe some toothpicks.

2. Time

Do you bake your own cake? It’s a process, y’all. Bring ingredients to room temperature, measure, mix, bake, cool, frost. That’s a huge chunk of time when you have so many other birthday things going on.

On the other hand, watermelon cake takes 30 minutes of my time. The absence of frosting and piping makes it a winner in my book.

3. Health

It’s made of fruit. That’s all I need to say.

Actually, I’ll say this too: whoever originated the concept of inviting a herd of small children to their house  and feeding them not only sugary CAKE, but cake with FROSTING, and then ICE CREAM, was not a parent. Or hated parents. Or is in hiding because he or she is being hunted by my fellow irate parents.

4. Simplicity

I get birthday cake stage-fright. Between the party, the snacks, the decorations, the pressure, and all the things that can go wrong with a birthday cake (what if it implodes? Wait, I have to frost it too?), I dread the whole process.

Honestly, if it imploded, I would laugh it off and serve crumbled dessert. People love seeing that you’re a real person who doesn’t have it together either.

However, watermelon cake gives me a fighting chance of serving something better.

5. Cuteness

Seriously, how cute is this cake? It’s awesome. Never mind that it’s basically a fruit salad that’s hard to eat. Guests and birthday kids go crazy over it. You’re the hostess of the year if you serve this. Because it’s so Pinterest-y, it doesn’t occur to people it’s actually cheaper, easier, and faster than more traditional birthday cakes.


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I’m not an advocate for trying to look like the most creative person and that you have all the Pinterest things under control. I am an advocate for being yourself and having fun. This cake helps me be just that – frugal, creative, simple, healthy, and an advocate for not feeding small guests loads of sugar. I hope it helps you too.


5 Ways Watermelon Cakes are Easier & Faster Than You Think - from CheapskateCook.com