Save money and eat healthy with these cheap and healthy inflation-proof dinner ideas!

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Inflation is really high right now. Food prices are ridiculous. 

So last week I shared with my email list some really powerful ways to deal with inflation – and still eat healthy. 

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So last week while talking about inflation, I shared how I currently have a list of 10 meals that I rotate through. We are in a really busy season of life. I don’t have a lot of time to cook, but I want to make good homemade food for my family. And I want to manage my stress well. 

So I keep it simple. 

I chose 10 very budget-friendly real-food meals that my family likes and we rotate through them. 

I’ll also add that 2-3 nights a week are leftover nights or MYO (Make Your Own) dinner nights. This cuts down on food waste, teaches all of my boys – I have 3 sons and a husband – independence, gives them experience in the kitchen, and helps me. 

Cheap & Healthy Inflation-Proof Dinners

Well. I did not realize how interested people are in knowing what those meals are. So I’m sharing them here today. If you’re a 1-Min Email subscriber, you already got this list (plus a ton of other things no one else on the internet gets to see). 

But I am gonna share them today because I think this information is especially relevant and helpful. 

These are MY family’s top 10 meals. They will not work for everyone. Maybe where you live, some of these ingredients are not as budget-friendly as they are for me. But they are all solid, delicious real food dinners I can rely on.


Here are my CURRENT top 10 budget-friendly real food meals. 

Cheap & Healthy Meals for Inflation

Here are 10 cheap and healthy meals to help you save money, eat healthy, and deal with inflation and rising food costs.

I hope this list helps you during record-breaking inflation.