Dinner for a Dollar – Real Food for Under $1 a Serving

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Real food recipes for under $1 a serving – If you have ever wondered how to eat real food on a tight budget, we made this for you. And it’s free for 3 days only!


Dinner for a Dollar ebook - If you have ever wondered how to eat real food on a tight budget, we made Dinner for a Dollar for you. And it's free for 3 days only! #frugalliving #whatsfordinner #eathealthy #realfood From CheapskateCook.com


A few weeks ago, I went live on Instagram for the first time to share a Fridge Tour Friday – a peek into our mostly-real-food stash.

I shared what exactly is in our fridge and freezer, and where we get the best prices to feed our family organic, local, real food for less than $2/serving ($1.42 to be exact).

However, the truth is that for many years, we fed our family on less than $1 per serving. We still ate well, and we ate real food.

Dinner for a Dollar

Many of us struggle to eat well on tight budgets. But we don’t have to!

I took my recipes and methods and compiled them into a 50-page eBook, called Dinner for a Dollar.

It comes out next Sunday – September 16 – and includes:

  • 20+ dinner recipes that cost pennies
  • 3 ways to rock meatless meals
  • 6 strategies to save money every day on main dishes


chicken, yellow rice, and veggies



This Book is For You if:

  • You have a tight budget and struggle stretching it to feed everyone at your table
  • You are passionate about healthy eating, but don’t see how you can do it with your budget
  • You need simple food that doesn’t take a lot of time (because you need more time to work!)
  • You don’t just want to eat beans and rice or freeze-dried noodles
  • You are looking for reliable, frugal recipes you can turn to again and again through any season of life

Get the book FREE for 3 days only during launch week (starting September 16)!

If you want to be the FIRST to know when the books is available and where you can find it, get on the list here.



Dinner for a dollar coming soon! Click here to find out more.

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