Real food recipes for under $1 a serving – If you have ever wondered how to eat real food on a tight budget, we made this for you. And it’s free for 3 days only!

Dinner for a Dollar ebook - If you have ever wondered how to eat real food on a tight budget, we made Dinner for a Dollar for you. And it's free for 3 days only! #frugalliving #whatsfordinner #eathealthy #realfood From

A few weeks ago, I went live on Instagram for the first time to share a Fridge Tour Friday – a peek into our mostly-real-food stash.

I shared what exactly is in our fridge and freezer, and where we get the best prices to feed our family organic, local, real food for less than $2/serving ($1.42 to be exact).

However, the truth is that for many years, we fed our family on less than $1 per serving. We still ate well, and we ate real food.

Dinner for a Dollar

Many of us struggle to eat well on tight budgets. But we don’t have to!

I took my recipes and methods and compiled them into a 50-page eBook, called Dinner for a Dollar: Real Food Recipes for Under $1 a Serving.

  • 20+ dinner recipes that cost pennies
  • 3 ways to rock meatless meals
  • 6 strategies to save money every day on main dishes
chicken, yellow rice, and veggies

This Book is For You if:

  • You have a tight budget and struggle stretching it to feed everyone at your table
  • You are passionate about healthy eating, but don’t see how you can do it with your budget
  • You need simple food that doesn’t take a lot of time (because you need more time to work!)
  • You don’t just want to eat beans and rice or freeze-dried noodles
  • You are looking for reliable, frugal recipes you can turn to again and again through any season of life

Get the book here!