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I think we’re in this together. You frequently ask for grocery haul posts, and every time I’m like, “Really? Why would anyone want to see what’s in my grocery cart? Don’t you want recipes or frugal tips, or How to Bring Peace to the Earth in 5 Easy Steps?”

But the truth is, I get it. Seeing people’s grocery hauls are one of my favorite reads on social media and on websites.

2 Reasons I Love Reading These Posts:

  1. It feels like every healthy living personality – on blogs or social media – shops at the farmers market and makes everything from scratch. It’s nice to see that some of their food comes from grocery stores too.
  2. I like seeing their compromise foods. It’s gratifying to know that real foodies eat ice cream, and it’s not always made from avocados.


Grocery haul


This week ended up being a vegetarian grocery run. Mostly produce, eggs, and dairy products were either on markdown or were on sale and had a coupon in the Kroger app.



3 lbs Organic spinach and baby kale – $2.99/each

1 lb Organic spring salad mix – $2.99

1 lb strawberries – $2 (for my birthday cake topping)

2.2 lbs zucchini and summer squash – $.99/lb

10 markdown produce bags (apples, oranges, grapefruit, and mushrooms) – $.99/each

7 Hass avocados – $.99/each

3 dozen cage-free eggs – $1.79/each (e-coupon for $1 off every dozen)

Five 8-oz. blocks cheese – $1.50/each

One 8-oz. block Philadelphia cream cheese – $1 (e-coupon for $1 off)

One 8-oz. pkg sliced pepper jack cheese – $1 and something (for some reason, the e-coupon didn’t go through and I didn’t realize it until I came home. Ugh.)

2 lbs. butter – $2. and something (Again, screwed this up. Supposed to be $1.99/each, but didn’t realize it didn’t work until I got home. On the bright side, I had a good mom moment. I let my 8 y/o do the self-checkout, and it got somewhat stressful at the end – as you can tell – but I held it together and called it close enough.)

1 pkg markdown slider buns – $.99

Total: $55.77

There you go. Simple, real food, found cheap.

What real food deals did you find this week?




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