What to do with celery leaves and leftover celery. Don’t throw them out! Instead, try these 2 easy hacks that will save you money and grocery trips.

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Here’s a tip. You know when you bought all that celery because it was on sale? You know how you had to chop it into sticks and ended up with a giant pile of leaves and skinny yellow-ish pieces?

Or maybe you didn’t eat as much celery as you thought you would. Maybe now you have a bunch of sticks that need to be eaten ASAP, and you don’t have enough ranch dip or peanut butter and raisins?

Don’t throw them out. Instead, try this easy hack that will save you money and grocery trips.

You have two options:

Freeze the Leaves & Yellow-ish Bits

Toss them whole into a freezer bag and freeze them for making 5-Min Broth later. Celery makes a great addition to broth or stock. Keep in mind that the really white and yellow parts can be bitter.

Freeze Leftover Celery Sticks

Simply chop the celery-like you would for soup and put them in a gallon-size freezer bag. Every time you chop more, toss them in the same bag.

Whenever a soup or casserole recipe calls for celery, use your frozen stash!

Now you don’t have to put it on your grocery list, it’s already chopped, and because you were going to throw it away anyway, it’s kind of like FREE.

Soup season means a lot of celery is in our future. Use this quick hack to make it last as long as possible and save you money.

Chopped celery

More Money-Saving Produce Hacks:

Frozen chopped celery
Chopped celery in a labeled freezer bag
how to freeze celery and what to do with celery leaves pin

What You Can Do Now:

What do you do to freeze or preserve fruits and veggies?

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