The very best impulse buy I ever made. If you do any amount of healthy cooking, you will understand why this tool was a game changer in our kitchen.

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8 years ago, money was extremely tight. We had just moved to a new city, finally found a job after a 6-week search, and I was drowning in cloth diapers and nap times with our oldest son.

There was nothing to spare. But one day, I spent $5 on a gadget that I have never regretted. It was the best $5 I ever spent on something for my kitchen.

You might laugh. You might roll your eyes.

But if you ever EVER do much cooking, you will know why this was a game-changer.

I bought a canning funnel.


Please note that I do not can food. I don’t own any other canning supplies aside from a Mason jar collection worthy of any Fixer Upper fan.

But a canning funnel makes all the difference. Whether I am pouring leftover soup into a smaller container (doesn’t even need to be a mason jar), or scooping homemade yogurt into a jar, the canning funnel saves us mess, time cleaning up the mess, wasted food from the mess, and it’s dishwasher safe.

Tasks I Use a Canning Funnel For:

  • Pouring dry beans, rice, or oatmeal into a container
  • Pour leftover soup, pasta, etc. from the pot into another container
  • Pouring marinara sauce into jars
  • Pouring yogurt into jars
  • Scooping homemade hummus (or dessert hummus) into a bowl
  • Pouring kombucha

Get the idea? If you ever pour anything from a big container into a smaller container, a canning funnel is life-changing.


Since we’re coming up on canning season, I wanted to let you know. Canning supplies will be at their lowest prices all year. Now is the time to spend the best chump change you’ll ever invest in your healthy kitchen!

There are all kinds, from pretty stainless steel ones to these perfect plastic ones. I have a collapsible one similar to this because that is what I found on sale that day.

Do yourself a favor by preventing mess, saving time cleaning up the mess, and wasted food from the mess. Get yourself a canning funnel.

(Check out my other favorite real-food kitchen tools here!)

What You Can Do Now:

Well? Do you pour stuff into other stuff? Go get a canning funnel!

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