Sourdough Tips

Here are my favorite sourdough recipes, tips, and tutorials!

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Here are my favorite sourdough recipes and tutorials!

Quick Cheat Sheet from the Video:

I demonstrated this live on Instagram and Facebook, so here are the quick notes from that. (Watch the Facebook replay here!)

I use a quart-size mason jar to hold my starter. When feeding, I add 2-3 tablespoons of starter to the jar, stir in 80 grams each of unbleached flour, filtered water (just a Brita filter to get the chlorine out), and stir it together. Add the leftover starter from the original jar to your discard jar and make pancakes or something.


If you make your own starter, wait at least six weeks before attempting bread without any added yeast. You want a really healthy strong starter.

Be careful using metal or stainless steel bowls and spoons with sourdough starter. You’ll mostly be okay, but acid reacts with metal. So never store your starter long-term in a metallic container.

After years of measuring the flour and water in cups (which is not accurate and didn’t yield consistent results), I caved and got this food scale. It was worth it. Sourdough is 100% simpler now.


Sourdough Focaccia – very simple and forgiving recipe. If you are just starting with sourdough, make this first for an easy win!

Sue Gregg’s Sourdough English Muffins

Non-Crumbly Whole Grain Sandwich Bread – I make the sourdough version of this (see post).

Pretty Simple Sourdough – that round artisan sourdough loaf you’ve dreamed of! They also have a bunch of tutorials for feeding and making your own starter. It requires more equipment and hands-on work, but it will give you the best sourdough loaf ever.

Sourdough Pancakes – I use discard instead of fresh starter and add about 1/2-1 cup of milk. Sometimes I add oats to make oatmeal pancakes!

My friend Wardee shares A LOT of information (and videos!) about healthy sourdough. Here are some of her tips: