This month, we are following a$25/week grocery budget for our family of 5. Here is exactly what we bought, where we shopped the last 2 weeks, and how we are $7 under budget.


grocery haul

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This month, as part of our #CheapHealthyCostco Experiment, we tried Once-a-Month-Shopping.

Basically, at the beginning of September, we bought most of our pantry and freezer staples at Costco. We supplemented with a few buys from other stores with better prices.

After setting aside money for a bulk produce order and milk from a local farm, we have $25/week for fresh produce, eggs, and any deals we find throughout the month.

Here is what we bought the first week of September.

Today I want to what we bought the 2nd and 3rd weeks of September.

2nd Week of September

In addition to our $25 budget, we had an extra $10 that I had set aside for some bulk oats. However, my friend with the oats negotiated a trade for some of the bulk produce I got last week (three cheers for creative crunchy friends!). This brought our weekly budget to $35.

When I picked up the bulk produce, there had been a mistake with my total, so I ended up with $17 to add to our weekly budget.

So altogether, this week we had $52 to spend on food.


Sprouts haul



Sprouted spelt flour – $13 for a 10-lb bag

(Believe me, this is a painful purchase. But we have a mild gluten-intolerance in our home, and this flour is the best and most affordable thing we have found.)

Organic carrots – $3.98 for 5 lbs

Organic celery – $.98/bunch

Total spent at Sprouts: $20


Kroger haul part 1


Kroger (Part 1)

Riced cauliflower (clearance) – $1.99

Orange bell peppers – $.99 for 4

Total spent at Kroger: $3



(Not pictured)

Kirkland organic eggs – $3/dozen

Organic romaine hearts – $4.99 for 6 hearts

Total spent at Costco: $12



Kroger haul part 2


Kroger (Part 2)

Organic yogurt – $1.99 each (after sales and e-coupons)

Uncured turkey bacon –$2.99 each (after sales and e-coupons)

Nitrate and nitrite-free lunchmeat – $1.99 each (after sales and e-coupons)

Mom’s Best cereal (clearance, from the scratch-and-dent section) – $.99

Parsley – $.89/bunch

Total spent at Kroger: $17


Total spent the 2nd week of September: $52


Kroger haul part 3


3rd Week of September



I was really excited about the ground beef, because this is a FANTASTIC price. The Applejacks are part of our 80/20 rule – we try to eat really clean 80% of the time, and 20% we leave for treats. Cold cereal is our weakness.

The rest of the items weren’t the best prices. However, this week I am making videos featuring recipes from Dinner for a Dollar on Facebook and Instagram TV, so I bit the bullet.

Watch the first video here!


Organic grass-fed ground beef – $4.49/lb (after sales and e-coupons)

Apple jacks cereal (clearance, from the scratch-and-dent section) – $1.29

Red onion – $.77

Organic green pepper – $1.39

Shaved parmesan – $2.99

Total spent at Kroger: $22


Total spent the 3rd week of September: $22

So far, between all three weeks in September, we are $7 under budget!



This Week’s Menu

Between what we already have from our Costco haul and what we bought, here is what we plan to eat this week.


Simple Baked Oatmeal

Healthier Banana Bread

Healthier Pumpkin Bread

Plain yogurt

One-Bowl Granola



PB&J with the Easiest Bread Ever

Bean bowls (either canned or Cumin Beans), cheese, chips, veggies



This week I’m making mostly recipes from my cookbook Dinner for a Dollar: Real food recipes for less than $1 a serving.

Similar versions of some of these recipes are on the blog already, so I will link to those. But I will make the Dinner for a Dollar versions this week.


Broccoli Parmesan Noodles and salad

Lentil Soup (my kids’ favorite soup! In the cookbook), with bread or biscuits (from 100 Days of Real Food on a Budget (affiliate link). Read my honest review here!)

Cajun Beef & Rice (in the cookbook), steamed veggies

Hamburger Soup with bread or biscuits



Fruit – apples, pears, and plums that we got in bulk last week



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