grocery haul


When we shop at Costco, we count by fives. There is no buying anything under $5. So when we have $25 for the week, we can buy roughly 5 items at most.

That’s exactly what we did this week.

We had company this week, so I plan much deal shopping – we just needed basics.

This month, we are only spending $25 a week on groceries for our family of 5. We had a big grocery trip at the beginning of the month, picked up some bulk produce, and set aside $25 for any weekly purchases. This is part of our #CheapHealthyCostco Experiment. We are trying to eat as healthy as possible (mostly organic, real food) while sticking to a budget that our family would roughly receive on full SNAP (food stamp) benefits – $150/week.

This feels really generous compared to our early days, but everyone is different, and we specifically wanted to see if we could eat a ton of organic, real food on a food stamp budget.


$25 grocery haul


What We Bought This Week:



Kirkland organic eggs – $3/dozen

Kirkland cheddar cheese – $2.50/lb

Mozzarella cheese – $4.49/lb (ranted a little about this here)

Organic romaine hearts – $4.99 for 6 hearts

Total spent at Costco: $21



Organic whole carrots – $.80/lb

Total spent at Sprouts: $4


That is everything we’re planning to buy this week. Simple food is great.

Towards the end of the week, we have a farm pick-up. I will get some milk there, but I already set aside money for this pick-up that is separate from our weekly budget.


Menu Plan

Here is what we are eating this week:



One-bowl Granola, yogurt




Apple Crisp (I’ll probably make it with pears!)




Cheese, homemade bread, veggies, fruit

Simple soup made from bone broth, veggies, and noodles



Spatchcock chicken (in Dinner for a Dollar – only 99 cents this week!), salad, rice (Watch for the demonstration video on Facebook and IG TV!)

Pizza with 40-cent pizza sauce, veggies

Cumin beans & cornbread

Burrito bowls (from leftover beans)

Leftovers (2 nights)

Something else? I don’t know. I don’t like menu planning.



Fruit – apples, pears, plums (bought in bulk)

Veggies – lettuce, carrots

Apple Crisp (I’ll probably make it with pears!)

Chocolate juicing muffins


What About You?

Snag any good deals this week?

Share in the comments below – better yet, drop a link if you shared it on Instagram, Facebook, or your own blog!

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