Are you hosting or attending a Super Bowl party and need some allergy-friendly snack ideas that won’t break the bank? We compiled the perfect list of party food for you.

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When you have food allergies and you’re on a budget, you have to get creative. Thankfully, many grocery stores in the Western world carry gluten-free, dairy-free, and other allergy-friendly snacks that are perfect for Super Bowl parties. But many of them cost a lot of money.

So here is a compilation we made especially for you. It’s based on our original Budget-Friendly Real Food Super Bowl Snack Food list here.

The Super Bowl is an especially tricky party when you have allergies. Our typical go-to’s for the USA’s favorite football game are loaded with allergens. From the football-shaped calzones to the ranch dip on the veggie tray, it can be frustrating and demoralizing – not to mention extremely unsafe, depending on your allergies.

Budget-Friendly Allergy-Friendly Super Bowl Snacks

Groceries for food allergies can get expensive! I know this because, for many years, we were gluten-free and dairy-free. We had to figure out how to balance safety and good eating with a tight budget. We did that by focusing on simple food, avoiding imitation foods (like vegan cheese), and not buying a lot of pre-made allergy-free foods. The snacks on this list are budget-friendly because they follow those main principles.

You can make them as expensive or healthy as you like. Use organic celery or conventional. Use fresh homemade salsa or salsa from Aldi – whatever works for your budget. Remember, you are the boss of your kitchen and your food!

Allergy-Friendly Super Bowl Party Food

You can spend a lot of money on allergy-free snack food. This list includes a bunch of budget-friendly, allergy-friendly, Super Bowl party food.

Keep in mind that some of these snacks might seem weird to normal eaters. If you have food allergies, you know this is pretty normal (if I ever hear another, “ew, that’s gluten-free?!” comment it will be too soon), but it bears repeating. Not everyone will love Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert Dip. But your allergy-free people will.

Some of these recipes have allergy-free alternatives, so if you read the main recipe and notice that it has an allergen you are avoiding in it, skip to the Recipes Notes. They will give you the allergy-free alternatives!

When dealing with life-threatening allergies, remember to read ingredients lists very carefully to ensure that the ingredients you are using do not contain hidden allergens.

Gluten-Free Super Bowl Party Snacks:

These snacks are all gluten-free or have gluten-free variations!

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Dairy-Free Super Bowl Party Snacks:

These snacks are all dairy-free or have dairy-free variations!

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Egg-Free Super Bowl Party Snacks:

All of the recipes except the Real Food Fried Chicken Nuggets and the Ranch dip are egg-free – including these Brownies!

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Vegan Super Bowl Party Snacks:

These snacks are all vegan or have vegan variations!

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Vegan & Gluten-Free Party Snacks:

Energy Bars on parchment paper for your Super Bowl Party
No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free Party Snacks:

Navigating food allergies at parties can be tricky, and making allergy-free food can get expensive! These budget-friendly lists will help you stick to your budget and enjoy your Super Bowl party.

What You Can Do Now:

Are You Hosting a Super Bowl Party?

  1. Choose 3-5 snacks from the list above to use at your party.
  2. Check the ingredients lists and write down what you’ll need to have on hand to make them.

That’s it! You’re all set until the week before the party.

Are You Attending a Party?

  1. Choose one of these ideas, and write down the ingredients you’ll need.
  2. TIP: I keep my grocery list as a note on my phone so I’m less likely to leave the list at home.